Friday, March 4, 2011

Robot Unicorn Attack

Usually, I’m not the kind of guy you’d see playing a crumby facebook game. I can’t stand stuff like Mafia Wars or Farmville that just involve clicking and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. But, recently I discovered that a game I bought off the App Store late last year had made its way to facebook. That game was Robot Unicorn Attack. It’s fairly simple game. Your unicorn runs at an increasingly fast speed, and you have to make it jump to platforms over and below you, as well as dashing through star shaped things. I know, this sounds really girly and dumb on paper, but once you get into it and start learning all the little tricks it takes to get up on the leaderboards, it’s pretty addictive.
I stopped playing this game after a few days on my iPod, but once I saw all my friends were playing it on fb, all trying to be the no. 1 player, I got interested again. Adding leaderboards to this game made it a lot more fun. Granted, I think there are online leaderboards in the iOS version, but since my iPod Touch isn’t connected to the internet 100% of the time, I never saw them. In saying that, I think that even if I was playing online, the fact that the people I was playing against were complete strangers would have made it a lot less enjoyable. When you’re playing with your friends, the goal of becoming no. 1 is actually feasible, unlike when you’re playing the world and there’s bound to be some guy from Korea with a crazy score with so many numbers it goes of the edge of the screen. You can find Robot Unicorn Attack right here:

Have fun!

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